Now You Can Grow leafy vegie together with your fish!

Aquaponics Factory from Tankmaker made it quick and convenient for you to manage your fish with hydroponics farming from anywhere. In this blog we’ll share the ways

Launched in 2002 by Gerald Pang and based in Singapore, are available in 9 countries offers complete aquarium solutions to aquariums park and aquaculture farm. That laid the foundation for working in and experiment with aquaponics, the process of breading, raising fish and harvest plants.

•Over the decades, Tankmaker Team have developed the Aquaponics Factory, the vertical Aquaponics farm that come with revolutionized methodology on vertical plane, multi-loop re-circulation system & proprietary predictive software for grow & optimization simulation.

•The revolutionized urban aquaponics farming is sustainable and able to support urban farmers over 1000 major cities. It is an ultra-high productive method of growing both fishes and vegetables together in a single production process.

•In addition to vast benefits of aquaponics and vertical farming, Tankmaker Team have designed and engineered the Aquaponics Factory to have productivity increased by 13/390 times for fishes/plants through Predictive Farming in comparison to existing Aquaponics that carried out through trial and errors.

The predictive farming for Aquaponics Factory is based on low-code software approach and is an important part of running a successful vertical farm operation to optimize production and predict machine like life support system failure is crucial and more of a necessity.

The predictive farming is also based on scientific solution with real-time data capturing capabilities correlate the desire result as per optimized simulation to enable early intervention to maximize productivity and avoid production disruptions, Aquaponics Factory has the answer for a platform that works with the existing hydroponic setups while delivering ·​ ​ Minimize unplanned downtime ·​ ​ Maximize productivity ·​ ​ ​Avoid process failure that occur due to trial and error ·​ Increase equipment up time and reduce maintenance costs

No code/low code has been around for a long time. Many of us have been using Microsoft Excel as a low-code tool for decades, but the market has caught fire recently due to an increase in applicable use cases and a ton of innovation in the capabilities of these new low-code/no-code platforms, specifically around their ease of use, the level and type of abstractions they can perform and their extensibility/connectivity into other parts of a company’s tech stack.

Together with the vertical plane, virtual grow, optimized design; the Low-code/no-code tools transform the Aquaponics digitally into modular form, enabling knowledge workers — who are 10x more populous than technical workers — to configure software without having to code. This has the potential to save significant time and money and to enable end-to-end digital experiences inside of enterprises faster, achieve First Grow Success! Grows both fishes and plants together in the factory and deployed rapidly in any location within 6 months.

At this moment, we are expanding business into Aquaponics Factory through

- An Aquaponics Factory Shown-room in I-City, Malaysia. This is a full scale start-up which include an Aquarium Parks of mid-size and consists of over hundred unique extra-ordinary tanks & 33 aquarium isotopes.

- As builder to supply Aquaponics Factory BOT project to urban farmers over 1000 major cities across Asia and Latin America region.

While indoor farms vertical hydroponic rows are nothing new, Tankmaker is betting its expertise on revolutionized vertical plane methodology, proprietary predictive Virtual grow process / optimization simulation & multi-loop recirculation of Aquaponics Factory to position in the frontier of Agri-tech.

Coronavirus crisis fuels interest in vertical farming & created the rush to achieve food security. Aquaponics Factory will be taking the world by storm by riding on the wave of vertical farm that been gaining popularity over the past few years.

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