Acrylic aquarium is scratches proof!

The statement of acrylic is easily scratched - NO from

Glass is better against scratches - NO from

What to do if scratches found? Glass unable to remove, acrylic can be removed easily - YES from

Our answer is basaed on 2 tests conducted by Tankmaker SGTeam. Acrylic material used is Plexiglas from Evonik.

With same force used on scratch test, deep cut found on surface of both glass sample while fine hairlines was found on surfaces of both acrylics sample. This shown acrylic provide more resistance to scratch than glass; which in line to the properties of acrylic material that it posses strong sustainability and anti-impulse force (16 times stronger than the glasses).

Another merit of acrylic is, the scratches can be removed easily through polish. While the scratches for glass is almost impossible to be removed for aquarium tank.

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