Welcome TankMaker PH on board

Tankmaker PH is situated in Philippines Bacolod City, a progressive city; the capital of its province is Neg.Occ (an hour flight from country's capital, Manila). This is a recent setup from Tankmaker Group in Philippines to facilitate the local product support and service in custom made tank for aquarium, industrial and other applications.

Company: DOJA Custom Arts

Address: DV Compound, Goldenfields Commercial Complex, Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City, Philippines

Contact: Country Sales Manager, Mr Donald

Tel: +639499209202

Email: j5dmj@yahoo.com.ph

Date: 9 Aug'18

Wish to keep all posted as to developments at PH.

Enquires came to tankmaker:

'I am looking to find someone do build me an acrylic tank ... ... I live in Philippines and I cannot find anyone for this project. You build then ship it here to me in the Philippines. Could you help?"

We are excited and glad to see the response with Tankmake PH.

Feedback from a new customer in PH:

'I appreciate you giving me the heads up as to Gerald being busy in India, I am happy for him, I think he deserves good things. As I always said to him and my price reflected that. I will work within Geralds schedule and if that means I have to wait a bit then so be it. '

PH is such a wonderful and right place for huge marine aquarium! The hobbyist are able to build good marine tank with readily available marine live stock. And more amazing is, they love acrylic tank!

A word form the desk of Mr Don:

I wish to offer you a new marketing concept for your prestigious hotel (or organisation): a centerpiece aquarium (of acrylic).

'The aquarium is widely known as an effective eye-catcher for all ages. It represents a window to a world not so many are able to see or visit. It captures a snapshot of the beauty of life as much as it captures our own imagination.

Considering that your hotel is aptly situated along the beach, an aquarium strategically placed in your hotel lobby or even behind your reception desk would complement your hotel’s beach theme. This theme is already in use by many Las Vegas hotels such as the Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Silverton and many others and it has been proven to attract many visitors and guests. Once placed in a strategic location, the aquarium immediately draws attention and becomes a focal point of the entire area. It will almost instantly become a favorite spot for selfies, photo and video sessions and ultimately, your hotel’s signature image.

However, it is not as simple as going over to the local glass dealer and ordering an aquarium. Glass aquariums are dated, too common and even dangerous. What your hotel may require is a large, awe-inspiring shaped aquarium to set itself apart from many other hotels.'

Thanks bro.

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