Awesome 4ft Tall Tank

An Update after 5 week of setup - Sea horse is happy!

Further update on 25 July, which is exactly one month after the tank installed; The sea-horse is introduced.

An update- Fishes, starfish, coral are in-position after 2 weeks of setup.

Customer comment:

Thks... service beyond contract 👍Another Acrylic tank done by Tankmaker as per customer requirement.

25 May 2018 The 4ft tall marine tank installed!

The tank is 4 ft high and use 25mm acrylic. Due to the setup rested on the floor, it can be shifted and moved to another area easily. As shown below picture, the tank moved today!

It is a full fledged marine setup with chiller, filtration system house in a cabinet nearby. There is another seahorse tank positioned inside the top area of the main tank. The chiller and filtration system are house nearby.

We could provide the update weekly is because we visit the tank weekly for first month of follow up.

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