5 Gallon Tank cost S$860?

Yes, once user know the detail and this cost is cindisiderable cheap.

As posted previously, our tank are constructed at safety factor of more than 3.9. Thus this 5 gallon tank, measured at 30cm x 30cm c 30 cm is having 13 kg with 20mm thick Acrylic PMMA of Plexiglas grade.

With the raw material of Plexiglas at S$60  per kg, the material cost will be 13* S$60 = S$ 780. 

With added workmanship at $80 per tank, the completed tank will be price at the best rate of S$860.

Wish to share how Tankmaker lost a deal by selling best wholesale rate

Last year, there was a customer in Singapore paying S$800,000 for a 20ft x 5ft x5ft Acrylic tank. And he bought 2 tanks at S$1,600,000.00. 

Tankmaker quote was S$340k where customer commented- how come your tanks is so cheap?

Apparently customer knew the cost of Plexiglas, so anything under the material cost is definitely doubtful!!

Hiwever, at Tankmaker, we can reduced the cost drastically because we manufacture In House and with economical of scale, our source of Plexiglas glass PMMA would be cheaper.

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