10 Marine Tanks in 2 weeks

By His Grace, Tankmaker acheived another record on 26 Aug'17 by manufacturing with site commissioning of 10 tanks including some Plexiglas Acrylic tanks within 2 weeks.

Above Left: Acrylic Tank. Above Right-Glass tanks

The acrylic tank manufactured in Tankmaker SG factory where only Plexiglas Grade Acrylic was used. And tankmaker completed all the 10 tanks within 1 1/2 weeks in the SG factory! PTL

Above - Site Before and After the installation.

Above - with all the necessary piping work by Tankmaker SG Team

Review pertaining to these 10 fish tanks supplied:

It was a record that Tankmaker took less than 2 weeks to made and deliver the acrylic tank- it is a record that no other suppliers in SG or Asia able to do that. Normally 6 weeks is needed.

"The launch was a success. Thanks so much."

- commented by the Executive from NParks on 2 Sept'17

Word from the desk of Mr Huang, Taiwan


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