Baptism Pool in SG

29 Jun '17 marked another milestone in Tankmaker Career; where a 5.5m L Baptism Pool for a Mega Church in SG was successful done by Tankmaker Team; this was happened after Tankmaker Delicated the business to the Lord through CC35.

The entire project was completed within 3 weeks to meet the opening for the church on 1 July'17. With God Grace, the actual installation till water loading was done in less than 24 hours!!

Above - 3pm: the first phase to move up a 600kg glass of 40mm thick up to 6th floor.

Above - The Tankmaker Team, including the Project Manager, put in the best effort to get the Baptism completed through the night.

Above - 6pm to mid night. Installation in progress.

Above next day 2pm - the Baptism pool completed with 24 hrs instead of 3 weeks!

A comment from India Business Associate:

Its awesome to see the work you have executed. Same time i can understand the labour invested to do this work. You really have stunned the tankmaker website. Very impressive.

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