10ft Acrylic Tank supplied

By His Grace, on 27 Aug. 17, we have completed another large acrylic tank of size 10ft L x2.5ft W x 0.92m H, acrylic wall thickness 30-35mm.

Above - Loading up the tank

Above -install the tank on a 3m stand. The Acrylic Tank weighted 450kg without water, water loading is 2000kg.

And completed with water loading, piping and full carpentry box up.

The entire process for above was taken place in less than 12 hour!

Glory to the Lord to have this impossible Mission possible.

Above - the tank that work in process by Tankmaker Team

Above - more detail on work in progress for acrylic tank manufacturing

Above - the 3D design in .Stp so that the cutting could be done by laser, no compromise in dimension, no bubble in joint and no scratches.

End of the day, we have another happy customer and many happy fishes.

Normally the process for this type of tank of shear large size will take several weeks for delivery, installation, carpentry box up and commissioning. Tankmaker made it within half a day, it was a record and will not be possible if without God Grace.

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Kudos Gerald. Certainly god has a special value for you . Not just to benefit you but also to award job to others.

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