Plug & Play Package

We design and supply customized tankset for both fresh water and salt water system. Items included in the Plug & Play package are

- EOS Main tank (with full glass in glass & Euro bracing) - Sump tank (with drip plate, drip cover & holding tray) - piping (AW std with union joints) - cabinet (with Chengnai wood support) - Top Hood - laminate finishing (100+ choice available) - glass cover - oyama background - ehiem pump - lightings - full media - water fill up and conditioning - 1 month guarantee for all items & functionality of system - 5 year warranty against leakage for all silicon joint for glass tank -Trade in catered; we accept trade in later for upgrading at cost up to 50% of original value.

Why Plug & Play Tank Package from Tank_maker? i) Everything are in with no hidden cost We will setup and take care of everything that needed by the aquarium. The tank, media, piping, lighting, cabinet, setting up, water setup are provided. · Live stock will also be provided for the leasing package. · A fixed price as we have declared Does It All! There are no hidden costs involved · As usual, our finalized cost is neg and always be lowered like deliver to lift landing, cheaper laminate etc. ii) Worry free · Proven aquarium tank as all tanks are custom built from our team that has decade of experience which exceed the industrial requirement on product safety. - 1 month on-site warranty including the livestock will be given to all items in the Plug & Play package. - 5 years on-site waranty against leakage for all silicon joints on glass tank. iii) Value of the tank is guaranteed · our tank fetch good price even as pre-owned · we are offering trade in price up to 50% of tank cost for all tank made by us ( exactly at 50% if within warranty period if the tank is purchased directly from us) iv) Expertise & experience of tank_maker team Plug & play package is the perfect solution for any customer that would like a stylish aquarium to liven up the hall or office within hour. With plug & play package, besides buying a tank of no long-term risks of water leakage; customers are getting · direct support from tank_maker that is in market since year 2002 · service support by tank_maker team in Singapore · customized design and features like auto water changing system, safe proof drainage valve on main tank etc. v) Sales/ After Sales Services An aquarium from tank_maker, besides getting business associated; we wish to support further. Just like sales, all customers are welcome to drop by our workshop for services follow up.

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