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Glass Tank Specification

1. There will be 1 drip plates for the sump tank. And it comes with partition crates too. 2. There will be a cover for the first section of the sump tank to prevent the water splashes. 3. Maximun length for sump tank will be smaller than length of main tank by 6" due to column structure o cabinet. Similarly, the maximum width of sump tank will be 6" less than the width of main tank. If clearance permit, shall have a higher tower at the down flow of sump; this can be used for mechanical filtration / dripping filration. 4. There will be grooves at the top of the overflow compartment box. These groves is form by a removal plate. So water is drawn from both the top as well as the bottom of the tank. 5. External walls for cabinet will be flush (ZEN design) for structural integrity. 6. Hood will be supported by the 2 side column structures and centre top edges of tank 7. Type of glass used- Asahi clear float glass (manufactured by preferred method of glass fabrication; through what is known as the Float Process, which is optically purer than the old way of making glass known as the Drawn Sheet method). Float glass is manufactured in two main varieties; clear and tinted. Clear glass is actually green (or sometimes blue); more obvious when looking from the side of it. Tinted glass is manufactured by adding a dye at the molten glass stage; is available in grey, bronze (4 to 10mm), green (5,6 & 10mm), blue (6mm only) and blue/ green. Most float glass can be toughened, a process that creates safety glass out of annealed glass. Sapphire glass of PGM 12mm are also available if needed. Thickness of float glass (for clear glass only) available are: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. We don't used Toughened glass; though is considerably stronger than standard glass. However toughened glass is not advised to be used for large aquarium as it burst like bomb it it will to be ruptured. Standard glass has a very important advantage when used on aquariums. It tends to fail in a non-spectacular manner, - typically a vertical or diagonal crack. Toughened glass however will fail completely, much like the old style car windscreen (100% shattering, and like bomb if there is water inside). 8. Silicon Used - Both clear & black silicon are available. Generally 100% aquarium silicon, Dow Corning 100% glass silicon or Wacker will be used. 9. Customization in the form of cabinet pattern, tank feature (e.g. chose design on inlet/outlet position or add in extra features) & size are possible. Price will not change so long as no extra material added or is of the standard finishing.

Q&A FOR TANK MAKER 1. If the cabinet for tank has 8 beams how does the 4ft sump tank goes into the cabinet? - 2 centre beams are removal 2. Is it possible still to have aging water tank about 1ft if I’m getting a 4ft sump tank below (for 5ft tank)? How much will that be? Or better to have 3 ½ ft sump tank and 1ft aging water tank? Aging tank can joined to sump tank to minimize space; total length can be 4.5' 3. Since I changed the tank from 5ft x 28” x 2ft to 5ft x 28” x 28”, the cost you mentioned is for the extra bracing in the glass and the cabinet. In this case what is being added to the glass tank? And is it that I will be getting thicker beam support and columns? 3” x 3”? Cost incured will be the additional glass and extra horizontal beam to strengthen the cabinet; 8 vertical beams of 3"x2" is sufficient 4. Handles for the 3 front access doors of the wooden cabinet, what designs available? Can be spring return, al handle, knob or flush with top recess 5. If I’m using those lights to be placed above the tank, will the tank hood/PE netting cut off a lot of the light actually penetrating into the tank? Any solutions for this? 6. Is it possible to have 2 drip plates for the sump tank? No problem if cabinet height is raised as 2 drip plates is another FOC option for the sump tank. And it comes with partition crates too (Cabinet height will increase to 34"). There will be a cover for the first section of the sump tank to prevent the water splashes. 7. How much space/length does the overflow compartment in the main tank going to take up if I’m having those corner triangular designs instead of a box? About 13"x13" as full length euro-bracing are used. Overflow compartment triangular design located on one side of the tank. Comes with 2 holes on bottom of tank for piping to sump tank. 8. Will the water return pipe from the sump tank block the glass covers? Will not as piping is besides the glass cover or can build holes in bracing 9. Will there be any warranty for the customise tank? 5 year waranty for tank against leakage on all silicon joints & 1 mths for all items including light, pump, cabinet/piping etc for the case of plug and play package. 10 -so i presume the wood that you are using = What wood material are use for the cabinet? Chengnai wood as structural support will be used; alternative of lower cost package on Kapour (5th gaade water resistance solid wood ping pian from malaysia) is available as well for smaller tank (up to 4ft tank). 11) -as for the glass cover, is it convenient to house the lighting on top with the cover kept close? is there any small hole at the cover for easy feeding? bascially light will be placed above the glass cover; thus light will shine through the glass cover. There are holes on glass cover which meant for feeding and handling og glass cover. 12) -may i know the total height of the tank(tip of the tank)+cabinet. if it is higher than 145cm , 147cm . will tat be possible to custom the cabinet+tank to 145cm .. ? and so , will it affect the sump tank piping work if the cabinet height is lowered ? Can custom built to any height on our tankset; while mimimum height of 150cm will be needed for tank with sump system. 13)-do you have any check valve or anything to prevent the pipe from flooding the surrouding if it happens to leak Manual check valve are included for all piping; automatic check valve not included but can be added if needed. In general the automatic check valves are not required as the return pipe is positioned on water surface. And flow box will not be leaked if it is constructed properly. 14) -is the sump motor included ? Yes 15) the delivery work will be included or do i need to call the transporters ? Yes delivery is included so long the direct access path is available, including staircase outside the house. 16) -i am interested in the 422 with sump , 10mm glass will it be more than enough ? as i am keeping aro, they do bang the wall real hard , so will the silicon and glass work withstand it ?? normally, what's the lifetime of a 422 tank ? a decade possible? Our tank are of 12mm glass for 422 as the design safety factor is 3.8 (3.8 is the threshold safety guide for indoor aquarium). With glass in glass silicon joint, safety factor of minimun 3.8 and full eurobracing; our aquarium is designed to have life span of 10 years or more. With speciality in aquarium tank construction over 11 years, we have seen many of tank built by our team 11 years ago is in sound condition. 17) -is there any photos of tank and sump to view ? can seen then under variuos size of tank & accies done by of tank_maker in other AF Thread. 18) lastly, do i have to make a trip and place a deposit at your showroom or full payment upon delivery? we need payment upon comfirmation and we can visit site for detail discussion /confirmation. 19) how many working days will be delivered after deposit had been made ? we need 4 weeks as leadtime.

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