October 14, 2018

Thanks many for the support.

We would like to welcome following new partner added into Tank maker.com group.

1) Australia & New Zealand - Mr Patrick Tang
2) China, 杭州 - 苏赞奔先生

They will expand Tankmaker.com family regionally that comprises of

1) Tankmaker SG - Tankmaker Gerald

2) Tankmaker India 

3) Tankmaker Philippines - Mr Donald J 

4) Tankmaker Taiwan

5) Tankmaker Australia & New Zealand - Mr Patrick Tang

6) Tankmaker Brazil - Mr Marcio Luz

7) Tankmaker Thailand - Ms Ern 

8) Tankmaker China, 杭州 - 苏赞奔先生

More details will be added to our side at page 'About Us' 

September 1, 2018

This is the beginning to a massive 8ft tank.

After we have constructed on site the tank, the stand and related piping recently.

Following was used as an effort to realise a quality and safe aquarium

- crystal glass 15mm for tank

- 5 ft sump tank with drain valves

- stainless steel stand grade 316L with 3mm wall thickness 

- acrylic covers (replace tradition glass cover)

- 2 no. Power head Ehiem model 1264

- glass in glass bracing ...

August 20, 2018

20 Aug2018
Blessed to be able to complete and deliver a 4ft acrylic gold fish tank today; another happy customer for Tankmaker.com 

August 15, 2018

 Acrylic tank is the beginning to a cool and awesome aquarium! 

- No unsightly joints

- Lavishly nice

- Light in weight 

- Will not behave like a bomb threat explode any monent & best is

- Cheaper than glass tank for mid and large size aquarium from Tankmaker. com team

Above was a 120cm L x 50 cm W x 50cm acrylic tank make of 25 mm thickness with 3 bracing. It is clean in look and strong in design. It could easily transport around in a car instead of engaging fish tank mover. 

It look heavy.  It is robust.  Good for application for robot application in school!  

August 12, 2018

We have performed a test as comparison of clarity between acrylic and glass. The colour of yellow sample was dull and darker after the glass masked.  It reminds as good as originally yellow for the case of acrylic. Indeed acrylic offer superior clarity than the glass including the crystal grade.

We use thicker acrylic 25mm that is double the thickness of glass, it still perform better. Detail as above.

Another test was done during scratches test.  It shows the same effect that glass attenuate the yellow picture that it appeared greenish.

August 10, 2018

The statement of acrylic is easily scratched - NO from Tankmaker.com

Glass is better against scratches -  NO from Tankmaker.com

What to do if scratches found? Glass unable to remove, acrylic can be removed easily - YES from Tankmaker.com

Our answer is basaed on 2 tests conducted by Tankmaker SGTeam. Acrylic material used is Plexiglas from Evonik.

With same force used on scratch test, deep cut found on surface of both glass sample while fine hairlines was found on surfaces of both acrylics sample. This shown acrylic provide more resistance to scratch than glass; which in line to the properties of acrylic material that it posses strong sustainability and anti-impulse force (16 times stronger than the glasses).

Another merit of acrylic is, the scratches can be removed easily through polish. While the scratches for glass is almost impossible to be removed for aquarium tank.

July 8, 2018

Tankmaker PH is situated in Philippines Bacolod City, a progressive city; the capital of its province is Neg.Occ (an hour flight from country's capital, Manila).  This is a recent setup from Tankmaker Group in Philippines to facilitate the local product support and service in custom made tank for aquarium, industrial and other applications.

Company: DOJA Custom Arts

Address: DV Compound, Goldenfields Commercial Complex, Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City, Philippines

Contact: Country Sales Manager, Mr Donald

Tel: +639499209202

Email: j5dmj@yahoo.com.ph

Date: 9 Aug'18

Wish to keep all posted as to developments at PH.

Enquires came to tankmaker:

'I am looking to find someone do build me an acrylic tank ... ... I live in Philippines and I cannot find anyone for this project. You build then ship it here to me in the Philippines.  Could you help?"

We are excited and glad to see the response with Tankmake PH.

Feedback from a new customer in PH:

'I appreciate you giving me the he...