This is the mega scale aquarium complexes consist of 60 large scale acrylic aquariums in the area of 3.5 Ha and of 30 million gallons of water. Features include

1) Giant Terrarium Tank that animals could be self survived; 100% isolated from the world

2) Largest Whale Shark Aquarium – the tank itself contains 6.5 million gal of water, with viewing panel of 37m wide by 8.3m tall ; it is home to whale sharks, manta rays, giant oceanic manta rays, silvertip shark and the sandbar shark etc.

3) AmiphTheature for  Dolphins & Sea lion

4) Lazy river

5) Underwater Walk (15m x 15m area)


Through the aquarium added, owner of the theme park could have promising return through

• Fish and riverine species are in close proximity to audiences

• Guests love the interactions with the animals

• Strong Conservation messages of

  -Yes to reusable bags, no to straw etc

  -The endangered species will be gone soon

“Transparent Sliding Tunnel Aquarium with Under Water Walk and touch pond features” are completely different from traditional Theme park tunnel aquarium; it is design and build by Tankmaker team with 100% safety in mind from visitors.

Visitors have the excitement of strolling and sliding through the aquarium along with many underwater living creatures; It is cool, thrilling. And huge revenues for Theme park Operator are able to generated through these activities.

Mega Aquarium Complex for Theme Park (35,000 sq m)

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