A revolutioned new vertical aquaponics farm that is indoor, in vertical plane modular form and cater to both hydroponics & aquaculture farming in the same production.

It include a light deprivation green house, a multi-storey recirculating aquaculture system, array of vertical plane hydroponics farming, the life support and waste management system, a urban farming monitoring software, the auto-water quality sampling system, the breeding system, assorted AI LED grow lighting, M & E facilities etc.

It can be setup RAPIDLY within 6 months in any building, underground or farmland.

It is of high production output - produce leafy vegie of up to 145 Ton/Yr + food fish 145 Ton/Yr; sufficient to meet the nutrients need of 7,200 people (Productivity leafy vegie of up to 1,000 Ton/ha/Yr + food fish of up to 1,000 Ton/ha/yr)

Aquaponics Factory (1400 sq m)

SKU: Theme park

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