Plug and play Acrylic PMMA aquarium tank with supporting stand and coral

100% custom made tank!

Size of tank: 7.2m (24 ft) L x  1m  W x 1.7 m H

Acrylic Tank Grade: 110 mm clear acrylic PMMA

Floor Area Needed: 7 m L x 1 m W 

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7.2 meter Acrylic Aquarium w Coral

SKU: TM-24ft
  • Plug and play package where following items are included:

    1) Acrylic tank (Size: 7.2m /24 ft L  x 1m W x 1.7 m H, grade: 60mm clear acrylic PMMA and oyama as background)

    2) Filtration System: Canister (can be sump tank at no extra cost if prefer)

    3) Stand: of stainless steel grade ASTM 316; of 24 vertical beams, height 3ft (box up of tank not included)

    4) Coral sand: 2000 kg

    5) Sump tank and piping with control valve and union joints (for sump system only)

    6) Ehiem canister / pump

    7) Lights with warm white and daylight spectrum

    8) Other Item: 4 no.4 way power socket + 1 no. air bubble set + filtration media

    9) Installation kit and instruction; site installation can be separately arranged at + SGD 2500

    10) Artificial coral kit as decoration (contain 400 no. of artificial aropora coral)

    11) Floor area needed: 7.2m  x 1m 

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