Glass Aquarium Done

1) 20 ft L-shape Aquarium

Review on 20 ft L-shape Aquarium

By bro HengHengZai: huge project indeed. please do update more on this very interesting...

By Peanut : this is my dream.

By Young Man: icic thanks for the explanation both are still jobs well done! u guys have done it again!

By Azura: awesome tank .... thumbups

By Mohamed Ali J: This is the biggest in-home tank project I have ever seen..!! The volume of water alone can fill up a pool..A job very well done..!! Thanks for sharing. Cheers mate..!!

By Amytattoo: Superb job.nice tank.Cheers....

By FanAromatic: wow wow wow.. that are huge tanks, nice and fantastic setup. Colour match the background. Thumbs up for the good job done.

2) 6ft Glass Aquariums Done (100+ no. shown below)

3) Other Size Glass Aquariums Done (44 set shown below)

Showroom Loaction:  As shown in the map


5 ft curve tank 4 ft H