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Revolutionary new Aquarium Amusement Park Project at your home town! Tankmaker.com Team would like to partner with your through  franchising scheme. The aquarium complex offer both educational & thrilling activities like underwater walking, prawn fishing, Mermaid show etc; high returns, safe operation, fast setup & further franchise opportunities. It is a rare opportunity for business investors to realize up to 25% annual return backed by Tankmaker.com Team.

The Business is to build and operate Aquarium based Amusement Park at new area. This will be the expansion to our current aquarium tank-making business into mid-size aquarium complex operation in the new industrial area of Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia etc so as to become part owner with the assurance of long term earning. This mid-scale amusement park will boost tourism and provide education study to the locals. At the same time, 70 jobs will be created for the local.

We are combining our strength of 17 years in building mid-size aquarium complex and operation experience to make the project on ultra-speed that could be launched within 6 months and generate 25% -50% profit annually.

Tel: +65 9079 5205 Email:  sales@tankmaker.com

Showroom Loaction:  As shown in the map

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