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Aquaponic Factory is Solution to food security, Farmers of the future

Together with food security, Tankmaker Aquaponics Factory can alleviate problem on food Scarcely, food Sustainability & food Safety as well.  Tankmaker Aquaponics Factory is a modern aquaponics farm that based on combination of both Tankmaker Indoor Technology and available vertical farm technology that increase yield up to 15 times compare to conventional rearing. The yield for plant module could be further enhanced up to 390 times. It can be  setup in the building, in underground, farm lands or anywhere in the middle of the cities rapidly.

Aauaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (growing plants using nutrient rich water without soil) to create a symbiotic environment between fish and plants. It is

-a modern agricultural practice that offers us both food purity and food security together

-a new and highly effective way of growing plants and fish at the same time where the waste from the fish become the nutrient for the plants!

-sustainable, reusable and cycles by its self.

-It use less than 98% of water compare to farming with soil.

-It will be climate-resilient; free from land, water, energy, pest and manpower constraints if via indoor approach.

It have yet to be commercialize like the hydroponics counter part due to low yield and lack of expertise in fish rearing.

It just do not make sense for a robot to made fish happy! Only happy fish could eat and grow, from the desk of Tankmaker Gerald.

With vast experience on aquarium setup in aquaculture farm, Tankmaker Team have develope an propietary Technology of making the yield of produce increase drastically up to 15 times.

Following wasthe snap shot of the harvest on fish food done in India factory.


Tankmaker Aquaponics Factory

Vertical farming technologies that climate resilience is available for plants. Technologies such as indoor multi-storey LED lighting for vegetable farms and indoor multi-storey recirculating aquaculture systems can produce 10 to 15 times more than traditional outfits. These high-tech farms can be less labour-intensive as well.

Short fall is the extra ordinary high startup cost, fertilizer dependent and plants is the only produce.

Problem faced by urban farmer 

Vertical farm on plant only is littered with bankruptcies because of the high costs of startup and operation; 73 % struggling in red financially

Unable to find a economical yet sustainable, highly-productive farming systems that can be constructed & deployed rapidly

Unable to commercialize aquaponics due to low yield & lack of expertise to grow fish; unable to made fish happy!

Good News!

Local Food Authority

  • Wish to ramp up production and strengthen the food security through production for local consumption

  • Yet to have highly productive, climate-resilient and sustainable solution


The Technology


Aquaponics offers a diverse and stable polyculture system that allows farmers to grow vegetables and raise fish at the same time. By having two sources of profit, farmers can continue to earn money even if the market for either fish or plants goes through a low cycle. The flexibility of an aquaponic system allows it to grow a large variety of crops including ordinary vegetables, herbs, flowers and aquatic plants to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers.

Herbs, lettuce and speciality greens such as basil or spinach are especially well suited for aquaponic systems due to their low nutritional needs. For the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers, products from aquaponic systems are organic and pesticide free, whilst also leaving a small environmental footprint. Aquaponic systems additionally are economically efficient due to low water usage, effective nutrient cycling and needing little land to operate. Because soil isn't needed and only a little bit of water is required, aquaponic systems can be set up in areas that have traditionally poor soil quality or contaminated water.[20] More importantly, aquaponic systems are usually free of weeds, pests and diseases that would affect soil, which allows them to consistently and quickly produce high quality crops to sell.

Aquaponics Factory is the farmer of the future!

As a son of a farmer in Singapore, I had witnessed numerous devastating occasions during my childhood seeing corps or live stock destroyed by heavy rain, drought, pest etc. I did the best to help but unable to cope with these external factors.  Coupled with land, water, energy and manpower constraints, my family have to give up like most of the farmers. 

-From the desk of  Tankmaker Gerald, founder of Tankmaker.com Group

Wow! This is definitely mind blowing, fantastic and I don't know how to describe it .....wow....I am excited to see the end product....and I wish u well and will continue to pray for u...amen....keep me posted Mr Pang

- From the desk of Mr Ong, Senior Attorney in SG


  • Responding enthusiastically, with the sector raising over $1b in funding

  • The global market for vertically farmed produce is forecasted to grow from $781m in 2020 to $1.5b by 2030, representing a CAGR of 6.85%, according to a new report from market intelligence firm IDTechEx.

  • The market was valued at $2.3 billion in 2018 and investments grew significantly from $60 million in 2015 & 2016 to $414 million in 2017 & 2018 and is projected to reach $12.77 billion by 2026.

Aquaponics system is the better approach as 2 source of food, fish and vegetables can be produce. However, it is in infancy stage due to the low yield and high investment cost.


With numerous tried and project experience, Tankmaker team able to supply high yield Indoor Aquaponics system that will made production in the form of food factory, at half of market costing.

Tankmaker Team wish to be Farmers of the future by using the Indoor Aquaponics Factory that could provide part Solution to food security.

Product Specification

 A modern aquaponics farm that occupy 1,412 sq m of land that is indoor, in vertical modular form c/w AI grow, multi-storey recirculating , aeroponic flow and zero waste technology. It can be setup RAPIDLY in any building, underground or other location


High production  - produce Leafy vegie of  145 Ton/Yr + food fish 145 Ton/Yr; sufficient to meet the nutrients need of fish and vegetable  of 7,200 people

High productivity 10 -15 times more than conventional farm; produce Leafy vegie of up to 1,000 Ton/ha/Yr + food fish of up to 1,000 Ton/ha/yr

Price for Tankmaker Aquaponics Factory:        

             US$ 10.5m for 1,412 sq m; 

             US$ 25 m for 4,000sq m (1 acre)

Tel: +65 9079 5205 Email:  sales@tankmaker.com

Showroom Loaction:  As shown in the map

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