Equipped with the expertise in Extra-ordinary Tank manufacturing, team is the key provider on Aquarium Park building for amusement and theme parks over Asia and Latin America. With HQ in Singapore, TankMaker .com team are available in the 9 countries to provide marketing, services and support on Tankmakers' product. 

At, we know that the best solutions for good tanks come from having the right people working on the right project. Thus, from 2002, our team, with nickname of Tank_maker under the company name of Elite Tea Pte Ltd and Elite Aquarium Tank Svcs, had started the design and build high quality fish tank and related aquarium systems in Singapore.  To our amaze, we used to receive status quo from country partner - "Yes it is moving in our favour, the customer told me the best aquarium companies are in Singapore. Today I am in ..., we have another good project in ..., will give you details later." 

Along the way,

"Tank or pond?",

Look goods, "Ya, damn good "

"Congrats on such a huge undertaking, and all the best."

"I am the mother of 2 children, you know, kids love to go to aquarium parks so much"

"That's a really big project. Remember to share with us once ready. thanks",

'It's always so fun to see the photos of big tanks in the making. Do you get orders for big tanks a lot?",

"wow wow wow.. those are huge tanks, nice and fantastic setup. Colour matches the background. Thumbs up for the good job done."

are some of the motivators that keep Tankmaker team moving. Today, our team offers tanks and only tank solutions with services as followed in Asia, with physical present in Singapore, Taiwan & India.


A good tank should not let owner worry about safety of human being or fishes; it is also more than aesthetics. A good tank will keep fishes happy, will lower blood pressure of visitors (A study of 84 people by British and American researchers found aquariums can lower blood pressure. The results of the research were published in the journal Environment & Behavior).


A pre-requistive for a good tank is to be extremely SAFE, especially during mishaps like earth quakes and accidents; this can only be achieved through using acrylic to build our tanks. This is the social responsibility that the TankMaker Team could do in providing a safe acrylic aquarium to customers. 

From the desk of Tankmaker PH:

'The aquarium is widely known as an effective eye-catcher for all ages. It represents a window to a world not so many are able to see or visit. It captures a snapshot of the beauty of life as much as it captures our own imagination.  

Considering that your hotel is aptly situated along the beach, an aquarium strategically placed in your hotel lobby or even behind your reception desk would complement your hotel’s beach theme. This theme is already in use by many Las Vegas hotels such as the Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Silverton and many others and it has been proven to attract many visitors and guests. Once placed in a strategic location, the aquarium immediately draws attention and becomes a focal point of the entire area. It will almost instantly become a favorite spot for selfies, photo and video sessions and ultimately, your hotel’s signature image.

However, it is not as simple as going over to the local glass dealer and ordering an aquarium. Glass aquariums are outdated, too common and even dangerous. What your hotel may require is a large, awe-inspiring shaped aquarium to set itself apart from many other hotels.'


As a mega aquarium builder for theme park and water park in both Asia and Latin America, Tankmaker accomplished through acrylic tank.  With invaluable experience and expertise in aquarium tank building, we are able to supply the turn key project, which is primarily made of acrylic material to fulfill the demands of a sound & safe product.  In essence, Tank made of acrylic is safe, of high optical clarity and produce an immaculate appearance. 
Acrylic tanks of size 1 -30ft are built through the Tankmaker fabricator site in Singapore ( and Taiwan; larger tanks will be fabricated on-site due to transport constraints.

In the arena of glass aquarium, heat soaked glass can offer certain extend of safety as it have the strength of tempered glass and the safety of normal glass that a crack line formed upon failure. However, the heat soaked-glass cost more than acrylic material for small and midsize aquarium; thus production made full acrylic tank is generally suggested for small and midsize aquarium instead of glass when both cost and safety are considered.

How about scratches? 

Tankmaker Gerald: 'Right Tyoe of acrylic material provide more resistance to scratch than glass; which in line to the properties of acrylic material that it posses strong sustainability and anti-impulse force (16 times stronger than the glasses).

Another merit of acrylic is, the scratches can be removed easily by polishing. While the scratches for glass is almost impossible to be removed for aquarium tank.' More detail is documented in the BLOG section.


We supplied customized glass tanks such as aquariums, water tanks, industrial storage tanks, bio-reactor chambers and etc. team have developed and built Smart Glass Aquarium that function like an intereactive screen, projection screen, white board, curtain blind or shelter for the fishes. These feature are controllable through an interface board. Cost wise is economical as the smart glass technology was available in the market for non-aquarium application.
There are 2 type of Smart Glass Aquariums that could be done; through LED Glass or Smart Firm overlay.  LED glass is done by incorporates LED light as sources within the glass material in the form of conductive LED film. It function like a LED screen without the need of project for images.

These tanks, available in all sizes, are custom-made by the team in Singapore using safety glass that go through heat-soaked process (not temper, tempering can achieve the hardness like the door of shopping mall but upon failure it could be catastrophic; the water pressure in the tank push the shattered glass chip and blast like hand grenade).

Thus, till date, we are keeping the principle of deliver unique and safe aquariums to each and every one of our clients in mind. These focus making Tankmaker's tank become valuable assets that many moving it along when they move house. 

As a gesture of appreciation and proven quality workmanship, are offering up to 50% trade in value of last buying price for customer having tank upgraded for the past 14 years.

(II) AQUARIUM PARK BUILDING Team have expanded business to build and operate of Aquariums Amusement Parks. The flag-ship project is the Tankmaker Aquarium @ I-City, Malaysia and is currently in process of construction. 

This will another 70% subsidary of group that occupying floor area of 24,000 square feet and consists of 100+ huge and unique extra-ordinary tanks, 140 ton of water, 31 ton of acrylic material & 33 aquarium isotopes. It will cater to under water trek, underwater photo taking, swim with shark, watch mermaid show, visit extra-ordinary tank on inverted tank, edgeless tank, fish high way, play interactive game, venture through 9D VR ocean adventure, discovery touch pond etc. The aquarium will have the most affordable ticketing price at less than 50% of market rate and shall be ready for operation on Aug 2020.


We provide related solutions as required by the customized aquarium. These include aquarium maintenance, fish tank leasing,  custom-made coral reef insert etc are services supported by us.

For reef inserts,  the unique 1 m tall artificial Acropora corals, various sizes of plate coral etc are the proprietary of . These replicas look more realistic than its original were molded out of silicon mould based on the hand crafted master sample.

Aquarium Tanks rental as another solution we supported when in need. 

We made fishes Happy!


As a professional tank maker, we know how to help you set up a proper aquarium or supply the tank systems needed by your business. All you’ve got to do is send us your enquiry!




+65 9079 5205


"Thank you Gerald for your prompt advice. We really appreciate your after sales service and kind assistance to respond promptly to our queries now and then. We are very satisfied with your tank. After 2 years, it is still as good and solid as new, as commented by our guests." from  the mobile desk of the proud owner of the above fish tank.

"Good tat u are the one n only one in town tat fabricate Plexiglas n I guessed when i was goggling for a Plexiglas tankmaker n ur shop name pops out! From the desk of 4ft Plexiglas Tank customer, 2018

"Hi, Morning. May I know the minimum to maximum fish tank size and .... Now I have to presentation to my client and my client refer to your "TANKMAKER". Client want to make fish tank cabinet size is .. ...I will shown in my drawing and presentation to my client. Thank You and Best" -from the desk of a reputable  Designer, 2016

"OK many thanks and hope to work with you again. The tank looks very sweet." - Kzdesign whom designed a tank that fitted seamlessly as if it was part of the wall , Aug 2011


"Lastly my housemate n I would like to thank u for the beautiful tank, we are enjoying every moment." - Lady Professional whom getting Tank_Maker tanks for replacing a branded tank, 2011


As advised by bro kojo… I just got these glass covers.

As you all know its pretty urgent to get a good cover for your aro. I’ve sourced around and could not get a supplier to provide in time. And of course must be reasonable cheap. The bad thing is that I have weired size requirements and need to custom made to measure.

Fortunately, as I just tried my luck with this supplier who is well known with the high quality and one of the lowest price in town, cabinet tank he made.

I told him my current problem and requirement, even though its a very small job to him, he is very enthusiastic and eager to help. He is able to rush out in time and deliver to my doorstep with my custom made requirements glass  tank covers. The beauty of all is that the custom made glass cover price with delivery is even cheaper then those plastic tank dividers sold in lfs. See attached picture. Dun compare to other tank cover as I’ve specify this requirements with rubber rims.

I’m totally impressed by his good attitude, professionalism and humble nature. He is no one other then tank_maker, Gerald.

- Archie2000 from Arofanatics  Forums

"Hi Gerald. Thank u for all your help and support

It's been a pleasure working with u"

From a brand rep, 3 May2017

From Dennis 6ft tank, 4 Apr17

"My current one is 622 with sump

And it's time to change since it's 10yrs plus"

- a 6ft tank owner whom bought tank from Tankmaker 10 yrs back 

Pertaining to 10 fish tank at St John Island, 2017:

It was a record that Tankmaker took less than 2 weeks to made and deliver the acrylic tank- it is a record that no other suppliers in SG or Asia able to do that. Normally 6 weeks is needed.

"The launch was a success. Thanks so much."

- commented by the Executive from NParks

From the of the boss of Precision Engineering firm  on a 6ft tank delivered, Aug2019:

Look goods?

'Ya, damn good '

From the desk of Tankmaker India partner, 16 Jan 2019

'Mr Ravi said to the Archeitect that Tankmaker ia teh best in the world for customized themes'


From the desk of customer on a 4ft acrylic Gold fish tank, Apr 2019

'Found it!!! The big red lever.Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you sooooooo much. It's a lot better now! What a relief! it was so loud before it was driving me crazy. Thank you."

I have a constructive criticism to make you, hope you don't mind, I think we could improve that presentation, I still was not satisfied with it, it does not reflect how competent the tankmakers are.  .. ..

The good news is that this customer understands aquariums and he was happy to know that the company is from Singapore, said the best in the world are from Singapore, ..."

From the desk of an Trade Officer of Brazil, 2018

"Thank you Gerald for your assurance and patience in explaining and advising us. You have been a great help and blessing😊 Message from customer whom bought the fish only tank but migrating into marine." Another good application of Tankmaker's tank

Hi Bros,

Just to inform you about my tank maker who just completed my new 5X2X2 tank. Extremely pleased not because I have a new tank but because I found a very modest, reasonable and quality tank maker.

To anyone who is looking for reliability and quality, look no further. I highly commend Gerald from Elite Tea. Very friendly, service oriented, attention to details of your tank. In short, everything you need from your tank maker!

Price extremely reasonable to me! Check out his postings I think in commercial thread; prices all listed there.

Cheers to all!


"Thank you Gerald, I am Eugene. The fish tank is very nice better than expected."  A feedback in 2013

"Wah ur tanks r so nice!"  Isaacgsk, 2013

"I believe u cand do it la.. Heard good review about your work ethics and svcs."  A customer whom load a challenging order in 2013.

"Thank u so much Gerald. U are very kind. I am glad to have worked  with you."  - from Ms Gina, owner of fish spa 2014.

"Hi Gerald,we appreciate your time, help and support in rectifying the tank problem. Thank you very much. " - form Mr Andrew of Civil Service Club whom have tank from other made, Feb 2014

"Reasonable price & good service" - Senior Director of Razer, May 2011

New RFQ from Thailand, 27 Apr17

"Thank you for your time and information. I'm going to look at this proposal with my advisors since our original plan has to be changed due to the further details we have gained. We are further looking into this project, and I would like to say thank you for replying to me so quickly and efficiently. I will contact you as soon as I have made final plans and things have been resolved." AC

25 May17, regarding getting a good carpenterfot thr fish tank from tankmaker:

"I think she's not the cheapest but her workmanship is pretty good. That's why I choose her

Very fast n responsive also

Just like your service. Haha" 

- fromCEO of energy solutions provided

"Thank you for your advice on the safety issue also. I am thankful for that. I was introduced to your company by a friend that has seen your glass tank works in the past and has said that you guys are able to do a really awesome job at the building and finishing. "

- from the desk of a new customer. 2017


"So sorry to disturb. I bought a new house and looking to relocate the tank" - from the 10 ft tank owner moving house with his tank for the second time.

'Hi Gerald, just want to say thanks for the prototype demonstration today. we are happy with the process.' - from the Research Professional  of NTU/NUS, 11 Jan 2019

Review to Tankmaker 20 ft L-shape Tank in April 2014:

By bro HengHengZai: huge project indeed. please do update more on this
very interesting...

By Peanut : this is my dream.

By Young Man: icic thanks for the explanation both are still jobs well done! u guys have done it again!

By Azura: awesome tank .... thumbups

By Mohamed Ali J: This is the biggest in-home tank project I have ever seen..!! The volume of water alone can fill up a pool..A job very well done..!! Thanks for sharing. Cheers mate..!!

By Amytattoo: Superb job.nice tank.Cheers....

By FanAromatic: wow wow wow.. that are huge tanks, nice and fantastic setup. Colour match the background. Thumbs up for the good job done.

Review to Tankmaker Artificial Coral Tank:

By Dwight Howard on Nov 2013: This is just like watching the show tanked live

By tohet2000 : Wow amazing !!! It is right in front of me now

By Dwight Howard: Now that's what I'm talking about. Such lively colours. Just like living LED lights

By mr.gabanz: very nice dream tank actually..

By angelo: Nice setup! Will go n take a look.


From the Mobile Desk of Senior Project Executive regarding a project for a restaurant: 'thanks so much'

'thats why i like to work with you because you are prompt and can trust

From hobbylist for a 4ft glass tank, 14 Jan2019

'Hi gerald.. I have done my surveys.. Ur price of 3k is the best that i could get. I wish to proceed with the order'

From Mr Huang, Taiwan on 4 Sept,17:


Form a business Partner Mr Don, on 26 Jun,18:

"I told .... that Tank Maker stands by its quality and so, we wouldn't want to compromise our quality for price.

June'2018  Customer comment: 

Thks... service beyond contract 👍

For a 4ft tall marine tank supplied.

Message from Tankmaker Gerald:

Being in custom made aquarium for a decade, we found that aquariums became an integrals part in the house of non-hobbyists too due to interior decoration trends and fengshui need.  We are also glad to see repeat order for many customers coming back for another aquarium; thus trade in of used tank is another service provided.

"Unlike shop front sales, customized aquarium business requires exceptional networking & opportunity. We don't think we could be in business for the past 15 years if without opportunities and support given by customers and hobylist, especially the bro/sis from forum."

- Tankmaker SG Team

+65 9079 5205

No. 48 Toh Guan Road East, Enterprise Hub, 608586

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